How to Prepare for a Visit to a Veneers Dentist

Posted on: July 15, 2017

Dental VeneerVisiting a veneers dentist can change the entire appearance of your teeth for the better. If you have any misalignment issues, staining, or cracks, we can help transform your smile with the use of veneers. When you are preparing for a visit to our dentist office, we will go over the guidelines the patient needs to follow and employ for a short period of time.

What is a dental veneer?

A dental veneer is a paper-thin shell made of porcelain or composite material that will be bonded to the fronts of the teeth to provide coverage of dental flaws. To place this shell, some tooth preparation will be necessary in most cases. We will buff the teeth, etch the exterior, and remove small bits of enamel to create a surface that the veneers will easily adhere to.

This will also allow the veneers to fall naturally against the teeth without sticking out which could make the teeth look larger. We will also clean the tooth with an abrasive substance to remove any surface plaque that may be a barrier between the teeth and the veneers. We will match the veneer shade to the color of the surrounding teeth.

Dental Veneer Treatment

In most cases, patients will need to have more than one appointment with a veneers dentist in order to have veneers placed. During the time the patient is home between visits, he or she may experience slight discomfort from the work that prepares the tooth. The patient may notice sensitivity to hot and cold foods. It may also be difficult to eat tough or sticky substances.

Since the patient will be wearing a temporary veneer, we encourage him or her to eat softer foods, consuming foods and drinks at a milder temperature. These symptoms will fade once we place the veneers and as the teeth adapt to them. In fact, once we bond the permanent set in place, the patient will be able to resume a normal diet.

After we finish the process, the patient needs to continue eating carefully for the first few days to let the veneers settle. Any hard or sticky foods can dislodge the veneers before the bonding is completely set. It is important to take precautions for this short period of time. We may also issue a night guard to wear to protect the veneers from any teeth grinding.

There are just a few of the things you should be prepared for when working with a veneers dentist. You should also be ready to have an amazing new smile, whiter and straighter teeth. The veneers placement is a simple process that will not normally require more than two visits to our office. You will be pleased with the timely and efficient procedure and the results you receive.

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