Learn More About Professional Dental Cleaning

Posted on: July 18, 2015


At Ruiz Family Dental, we want you to learn more about professional dental cleaning and the benefits of scheduling an appointment.  We recommend that you have a dental cleaning in Amarillo at least twice per year.  Our office is conveniently located in the 79106 area, and you can reach us by calling (806) 318-4399.  Scheduling an appointment with our general dentist office will enable you to stay in excellent oral health.  Keeping teeth and gums in good condition requires preventative care.  It is not enough to brush once a day and forget about your teeth.  This type of routine leads to cavities, infections, and gum disease.  As a family dentist, we know that it is much more important to focus on preventing these issues and schedule a dental cleaning in Amarillo is the best way to do so.

When you want to learn more about professional dental cleaning, you should consider your teeth and how they are situated.  Whether your teeth are perfectly straight or crooked in several places, everyone has spaces in their mouth where food particles and plaque can become trapped.  Brushing teeth at least twice per day along with daily flossing can help but this is not enough to remove all of the plaque that builds up over time.  If it sits there for too long, you could develop gum disease and need a periodontics treatment.  Those that leave gum disease untreated can experience tooth loss and the need for dentures, an implant dentist, or dental bridges in Amarillo. This is one of the most important things that a dental cleaning in Amarillo accomplishes.  It decreases the likelihood of gum disease and these significant health issues. 

As a kids dentist, we also recommend that children visit our office for a professional teeth cleaning.  Children are at an increased risk of developing cavities since they have more difficulty brushing and flossing while preferring food that is high in sugar and starch. As a sedation dentist in Amarillo, we can make even the most nervous children comfortable, so there is no reason to delay scheduling their appointment with our dentist office. 

As a cosmetic dentist, we can clean your teeth by applying a special paste that is abrasive enough to break up plaque and tartar.  We will reach into the spaces that you have been unable to get to, and when you leave, your teeth and gums will be healthier because you visited us. Simultaneously, if we notice that any of your teeth are damaged, we can restore them as a veneers dentist in Amarillo.  We also offer dental bonding in Amarillo that can restore a cracked or chipped tooth, though beforehand we may recommend a teeth whitening procedure. 

If you have not been to the dentist in a while, we recommend that you call and schedule a dental cleaning in Amarillo so that you can reduce your risk of developing an infection and the need for our emergency dentistry services.  Additionally, if you would like to learn more about a professional dental cleaning we are always available to answer your questions. 

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