Why Choose Dental Veneers in Amarillo?

Posted on: April 3, 2017

Dental VeneersWhen you get dental veneers, you are getting the most common and one of the most frequently-used tools of cosmetic dentist treatments. As a cosmetic dentist in Amarillo, we have any number of tools, techniques and treatment options available. We will mix and match the options as necessary to ensure the most effective treatment. We find that dental veneers often meet all the criteria of patients. One reason why we like dental veneers is their versatility and the fact they do not require removal of a great deal of the natural enamel. Anytime one is using a device that is changing the fundamental makeup of teeth, the patient will have to lose a certain amount of natural enamel.

Losing some enamel can also be a result of getting a dental crown. A dental crown requires that a cosmetic dentist removes virtually all the enamel except for a tiny nub., The same is also true for dental implants, during which the entire tooth and the root will be removed to make room for the new implant. On the other hand, when you chose to use dental veneers, we only need to remove enough of the enamel to achieve two goals.

Dental Veneers Procedure

First, we want to remove any and all damaged or discolored enamel. Second, we want to remove just enough of the natural enamel so the dental veneers fit perfectly. Often, this is not more than a few millimeters of enamel, meaning the bulk of the tooth is your natural tooth. For patients who prefer a more holistic form of cosmetic dentistry, this is an ideal opportunity to enhance the teeth while still maintaining their original form. This is just one of the many benefits people have come to expect when getting their dental veneers. Another inherent benefit to porcelain veneers is that they require far less treatment time and have a very short recovery period.

Dental Veneers and Crooked Teeth

Using dental veneers, for example, Ruiz Family Dental can resolve minor issues with crooked teeth. As a cosmetic dentist, this is an important health risk that we need to fix. The first option is dental veneers, which we customize and fit the patient’s teeth during the second visit The visit may be a slightly longer visit than a standard examination, but at the end, the patient will leave with newly straightened teeth alignments, thanks to the dental veneers. On the other hand, patients have the option of choosing braces, Invisalign®, or other orthodontics treatments. What we know is that straightening teeth this way typically takes a minimum of a year, with plenty of appointments to come in and make adjustments.

After the treatment is complete, patients will need to come in again for teeth whitening to make sure those beautifully straight teeth are also perfectly white. With dental veneers, your cosmetic dentist can accomplish both of these with a single product.

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